Terms and Condition

Welcome to the website https://vslssbrand.com. Please read these Terms of Use carefully. These Terms of Use govern the use and access of the Platform (defined below) and use of the services (defined below). By accessing the Platform and using the Service, you agree to use these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to this Use, then you do not/stop accessing and/or using the Platform or this. Access to passwords and use of password protected and/or certain areas described on the Platform and/or use of services is restricted to Customers with accounts only. You may not obtain or attempt to gain unauthorized access to this area of the Platform and/or Service, or to any other protected information area, in any way without our specific use permission. Violation of this provision is a violation based on Indonesian law and/or applicable laws and regulations.

1. Products and Services

a. Orders that you order through https://vslssbrand.com will be approved when you receive confirmation from https://vslssbrand.com . The confirmation will be emailed to you.

b. Payment for your order can be made via bank account transfer that has been appointed by https://vslssbrand.com

c. The service/shipping fee charged to you is in accordance with the total price of the order.

d. Prices of Products and Shipping Services are subject to change at https://vslssbrand.com’s policy without prior notice.

e. All information regarding offers, gifts, promos, products through promotional media or print media you can directly ask our staff

or via email to: cs@vslssbrand.com

2. Payment system

To provide convenience and smoothness for customers in conducting transactions through https://vslssbrand.com, we currently have implemented a payment system via ATM when customers purchase products online and all transactions will be processed in Indonesian Rupiah and United States Dollars.

3. Service System

a. Product orders through https://vslssbrand.com can be made every day [no time limit].

b. Each customer will be charged an order fee per transaction whose mechanism is fully regulated by https://vslssbrand.com

c. Product exchange for orders made online can only be served via prior confirmation via SMS/WA/EMAIL [Business Hours]

d. Cancellation of products that have been ordered can only be done MANUALLY [Confirmation of Order Cancellation] via EMAIL/WA/SMS

4. Returns / Exchanges due to DEFECTS / REJECT and Errors in Shipping Size.

Product returns can be made if the VSLSS Product received is DAMAGED or DEFECTIVE, please contact our ADMIN to exchange the Product. The rules for returns/exchanges due to defective or wrong size items are as follows:

a. Confirm as soon as possible to the ADMIN to make the exchange, then the ADMIN will help the process of doing the exchange.

b. The exchange will be made after the VSLSS product to be exchanged has been received by our ADMIN.

c. Limit Confirmation / Exchange of Goods for 2 days after the goods are received by the CUSTOMER.

d. To exchange/return goods, they must be in their original condition (unused, not dirty and still wrapped). If we find the item has been used and is in poor condition, we cannot accept the exchange/refund process. We will immediately send the item back to the CUSTOMER. Shipping costs for the exchange of goods are borne entirely by the buyer and the shipping costs for returning the goods are borne by the seller.

e. The REFUND process for REJECT / DEFECTS goods is carried out when the goods have been sent and received back by VSLSS.

f. The error in sending the size to the buyer is entirely the responsibility of us and the size can be exchanged again. We do not serve exchanges for order size errors [Small or Oversized] because the PAGE SIZE CHART has been provided on our website.

5. Online Ordering & Payment Procedure

a. Customers read and follow the guidelines listed on the “HOW TO ORDER” page

b. DEMPA reserves the right to refuse customer transactions if deemed not in accordance with the rules.

6. Product Delivery

a. Product delivery will be made after ADMIN receives payment confirmation for transactions made by customers max 2×24 hours working days.

b. Delivery can be made on the same day or the next day [Business Day]. Except Saturday/Sunday and National Holidays there is no delivery.

c. The cost of shipping the product according to the price listed on the website.

d. DEMPA is not responsible for damage to goods/packages caused by third parties such as the courier service used.

e. Delivery of products using courier services available at www.vslssbrand.com

7. Cancellation of Product Purchase

Cancellation of transactions/delivery can only be done if the goods have not been sent by VSLSS. Canceled transactions will be subject to a cancellation fine of Rp. 50.000,-. Transaction cancellations can only be made via WA confirmation to 0823159999969.

8. Accounts
a. You can register to become a member of the https://vslssbrand.com site by filling out the registration form. After the registration is approved (meet the terms and conditions), you will shop freely at https://vslssbrand.com
b. To register, you are required to provide your active email address. This e-mail address will make it easier for us to verify your identity on the next visit. If you register using a fictitious email address or someone else’s email address, https://vslssbrand.com may close your account without prior notice.
c. You will not be charged for opening an account at https://vslssbrand.com However, you will be charged for the purchase of all goods or services at https://vslssbrand.com according to the prices listed on the site. You are required to send the funds to the https://vslssbrand.com account that we have listed on the site. All costs for goods or services ordered by you will be charged to you.
d. https://vslssbrand.com will process your ordered product after you make payment and receive confirmation of receipt of payment from https://vslssbrand.com e. If you have any questions regarding payment, you can address them to cs@vslssbrand.com
9. Intellectual Property Rights
All Designs, Photos and Images listed on https://vslssbrand.com cannot be disseminated/used by any party and for any purpose.