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“O people, indeed you are really tired of going to God until

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Talk with Brandon: Makassar Will Still Be Interesting in Music and Fashion

When you talk about Makassar, what comes to your mind when you hear the name of the city? It must be about Coto, Sop Konro, Palubasa, and also Es Pisang Ijo. Exactly, the city of Makassar is known as a culinary paradise. But apart from that, there are other factors that make the city known throughout the archipelago. None other than the movement of the creative climate. Two of them are Music and Fashion. When it comes to music, who doesn’t know Pusakata or Fadli Padi? These two flashy names are already very well known for their magical and timeless musical works. Apart from the two of them, there are many other names that deserve to be looked at there.

Apart from musicians, Makassar also has a Music Festival which is held every year with great fanfare. Especially if it’s not Rock In Celebes. The festival, which has existed since 2010, continues to evolve until now. Not only Sulawesi, they are recorded to have tried almost all parts of Indonesia. The goal is only one, to introduce music in Makassar and its surroundings.

We had the opportunity to chat with one of the teams who are actively involved in Rock In Celebes, his name is Brandon Hilton. He is well known in Makassar as a musician (drum beater), radio announcer, and also an article writer for several music news channels in Indonesia. Metal is the identity he wants to show to the public. How was the fun of our chat with him? See below.

Hi Brandon, what are you busy with right now?

Hello cess! Now there are many activities with Rock in Celebes. In addition, it is often written for several digital news platforms and recordings as well as Military Service.

Wow, what else do you want Rock In Celebes? Can you elaborate?

At Rock in Celebes, I want to do something. Coming really soon. If you want to describe it, it’s best to wait for the info so it’s even better haha!

Okay, now let’s talk about you. Since when did you like “loud” music and what is the big reason behind it?

I love “loud” music from the age of 4. Haha. The big reason behind it is none other than my father who fed me with Sepultura’s album Roots. Is that my balloon song? Roots Bloody Roots!

From the beginning they were only listeners, then they continued to be actors. What pleasure do you get from music?

Inner pleasure! Hard to describe. That’s why you have to be the perpetrator hahahahaha!

Why do you have to be the perpetrator?

Let POV view the music scene more broadly and evenly. Plus, if you’re an actor, there’s cool value, right? The charm of musicians is still strong hahahahaha

As far as you are concerned as a performer, what is the current music scene like? Especially Makassar?

So far, from the actor’s point of view, Makassar is still a city that tends to be “conducive” to work. But I believe, different cities, different struggles, different ways to survive and resonate. Why do I say it tends to be “conducive”, because in Makassar itself, tools and links to work are widely available.

Broad here, can be interpreted like what?

Broad in the sense that even without “insiders” have the same opportunities as other people.

Oh interesting. As for the scope of the color of the music itself, how about in Makassar?

Well luckily in Makassar, more and more musicians and bands have sprung up hahahaha! More excited.

As for metal itself, how did it develop there?

In Makassar itself, for the Metal scene, even though it’s chill (if you know what I mean), it still produces good releases.

Any recommendations for the metal band?

There is! Try listening to Unremains and Sinuses. The two bands are more sexy.. original.

Oh yes, why choose drums as a tool of war? Any stories?

Actually I chose Druk because I “failed” as a guitarist hahahahaha! That doesn’t mean you’re successful as a drummer too. But I feel more aggression is channeled with the drums.

If you had to choose, vocal or drum position? Because you often see works that have your vocals in them.

damn, this is so hard!! hahahahahahahaha! For now, I prefer drums because I still like thumping.

Now they have become permanent military personnel, right?

Hmm…. I think so hahahahaha.

As a radio announcer, when did you start?

Starting on July 6, 2019, because they were being held at gunpoint, they wanted to refuse but couldn’t deny the experience.

What is the most interesting experience for a publisher?

The interesting experience of being an announcer is not only being able to interview great musicians. But being able to network personally with influential people in the music scene. Another interesting experience was being able to “deep talk” with female idol musicians. HAHAHAHAHA THAT’S A BIG WIN.

So, is it good to be a broadcaster or a writer?

Writer. No doubt. It’s better to write than talk. That’s why I resigned as a broadcaster, right?

As a person who is close to music, how does Brandon interpret music for everyday life?

For me, music is part of faith. It’s that simple, that close.

What do you think good music looks like?

Hmm…. Beraadd hahahahaha. But, in my opinion, good music is music that doesn’t make us curse at the beginning, but curse at the end.

Cursing because you’re happy huh? Ha ha. Besides Rock In Celebes, are there other music festivals in Makassar?

Cursing with pleasure, astonishment, surprise. Hahahahaha. Besides Rock in Celebes, there are other festivals such as Prologfest, Makassar Jazz Festival, and Forest Music.

How do you see the role of the media today, is it still needed? Or is it enough for musicians to present their work through their own platform?

Wow.. the media is clearly still needed by anyone, especially musicians. However, sometimes the treatment of the media is still like a stepchild (yes for some people). Behind the famous musicians, it is clear that there are many supporting media. So, the media and musicians clearly need each other.

Now at Rock In Celebes diligently reviewing songs from bands. May I know the curation process?

This is the secret of the global elite. But for Dempa’s sake, let me tell you. The process of curating bands to enter a Rock in Celebes review is actually easy. It is enough to continue to create a noisy echo with the released work. It will definitely be looked at and added to the list for later review. Haha.

Is there a special formula for becoming a journalist?

For me, the special formula to be a journalist must know how to place curiosity and laziness. Hahahahaha

What is the correlation between the two things? Ha ha

It’s actually kind of hard to explain haha. But simply, curiosity and laziness are needed by a journalist. Because not all activities must be covered, and there must be some that almost missed to be covered.

The most ridiculous experience in the world of music, is there or not?

Maybe for other people it’s normal, but for me it’s crazy. When I was at Rock in Celebes 2019, after EHG started playing, I talked to the drummer about the unfortunate incident that happened to him. Eh, I’m having fun chatting with the EHG drummer, suddenly I’m surrounded by people (who seem to be listening to it). After the story, many people asked “what am I talking about?” Ha ha ha!

There was also a time when there was a big event in Bali, while watching Alvin (Noxa), there were some random dudes asking Alvin and me for autographs. WTF

What are your hopes for Indonesian music?

Stay tough!

Makassar, apart from music, is also known for its clothing industry, which produces cool brands all the time. What do you think?

Clothing, yes.. the clothing sector in Makassar shows good growth. The proof? There are many brands that have sprung up. There are so many, I don’t even know what brand to call it, which one. Nothing has been so stand out. Eh.. hehe

Stand out in what sense?

Stand out in the sense of having a strong character and sticking in the mind and heart.. hahahahahaha

Have you been busy with boxing lately? What else are you going to beat? Ha ha

Practice so that moshing won’t be stiff hahahahaha! But actually boxing training just in case. Who knows later it will be needed~ wahahahaha

Any messages for those who will read this interview?

Whatever happens, stay PMA. Positive • Mental • Attitude

Interview by Adjust Purwatama

November 27th, 2021





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