Product returns can be made if the VSLSS Product received is DAMAGED or DEFECTIVE, please contact our ADMIN to exchange the Product. The rules for returns/exchanges due to defective or wrong size items are as follows:

a. Confirm as soon as possible to the ADMIN to make the exchange, then the ADMIN will help the process of doing the exchange.

b. The exchange will be made after the VSLSS product to be exchanged has been received by our ADMIN.

c. Limit Confirmation / Exchange of Goods for 2 days after the goods are received by the CUSTOMER.

d. To exchange/return goods, they must be in their original condition (unused, not dirty and still wrapped). If we find the item has been used and is in poor condition, we cannot accept the exchange/refund process. We will immediately send the item back to the CUSTOMER. Shipping costs for the exchange of goods are borne entirely by the buyer and the shipping costs for returning the goods are borne by the seller.

e. The REFUND process for REJECT / DEFECTS goods is carried out when the goods have been sent and received back by VSLSS.

f. The error in sending the size to the buyer is entirely the responsibility of us and the size can be exchanged again. We do not serve exchanges for order size errors [Small or Oversized] because the PAGE SIZE CHART has been provided on our website.